Thursday, July 5, 2012

July News


Whole Self Fitness is up and running again! It's been 6 weeks since my open heart surgery. With my healthy diet, walking and proper rest, I have fully recovered. 6 weeks is a magical time period to reach many goals pertaining to health and fitness. It takes 6 weeks of Pilates to build a stronger core. It takes 6 weeks of clean eating to feel and see a huge change in your body. It takes 6 weeks to build cardiovascular endurance. The list goes on and on, and Whole Self Fitness wants to help you get there. Are you ready to take the 6 week challenge? Call 416-924-3145 or email for information.

Move of the Month: Swan Dive

Last month's move was the Side Arm/Leg Lifts: This month's move is the Swan Dive, a great way to increase back flexibility and open up the hips. Swan Dive:


Water Exercise Blog: Healing Pain with Water Exercise

I've added a new category for this blog to describe my own positive experiences with water exercise. Now that I'm allowed to go to go in water, water exercise is proving to be a great healing activity post open heart surgery:


Recipe of the Month: Homemade Energy Bars

Lots of outdoor activity happening this month. Hungry, for a substantial, tasty and healthy snack? Try out my homemade recipe for energy bars:



Summertime means more swimming pools are open. Take this time to improve your swim stroke or have fun with vertical water exercise. Summertime means outdoor workouts! Take advantage of this while you can!

Hope to see you out there this summer!